How We Do It


Ours is not a "catch all" approach. We tailor our advice and support according to specific needs - from helping with one-off issues to providing a longer term, ongoing programme of advice and support.

Our work with schools and parents begins with an initial consultation to discuss the following:

  • Identify any needs and/or issues that need addressing
  • Agree a solution and/or programme of support
  • Ensure the solution/programme is aligned with the school's ethos and policies where necessary
  • Agree the resources required from Young Lives to deliver the solution/programme

We then work closely with the school and/or parents, communicating regularly to monitor progress and ensure that our support remains relevant and is achieving the right results.

Our services can be sourced directly by schools and/or parents. We operate mainly in schools but we can arrange home visits if necessary and we provide drop-in clinic services for GP surgeries upon request.

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